UHF Electronic RFID Ear Tag for Sheep

UHF Electronic RFID Ear Tag for Sheep

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UHF Electronic RFID Ear Tag for Sheep

  • Raybaca offers a complete range of electronic tags for livestock identification. We offer tags in a variety of shapes and sizes that are suitable for most any animal – cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, camelids etc.
  • Raybaca electronic ear tags are approved by ICAR, and meet ISO standards 11784/5 for animal identification. Each has an embedded, passive, electronic microchip that holds a unique identifier matched to the individual animal that cannot be manipulated.
  • Our tags have been designed to guarantee the highest possible retention rates and are easy to apply with our matching ear tag applicator.
  • Raybaca livestock identification systems help farmers and ranchers monitor and manage their herds all over the world – everyday.
  • RBC-UHF sheep ear tag is helpful for animal husbandry information management,could be effectively tracked in livestock breeding,epidemic prevention and control,meat quarantine,etc.That can find and solve the problems in time,let the loss reduce and increase economic performance and social performance.
  • RBC-UHF-YET02 sheep ear tag is specially used in animal breed and slaughter management, conform to ISO18000-6C(EPR G1G2) standard,working frequency is 860~960MHZ.The ear tag use intelligent chip of high performance,which has 240 bit EPC code,64 bit TID code,repeatable read/write,32 bit password and security instruction,effectively ensure goods safe and User privacy.
  • RBC-UHF sheep ear tag is mainly used in tracking management of animal husbandry,such as goat livestock,which use safely plastic,non-toxic,no odor,no pollution,can prevent the infringement of organic acids,etc.


  • Suit kinds of harsh breed environment
  • Not easy to fall off
  • Recognition range stability
  • Anti animal bite structure and color design
  • Waterproof structure design, chip design, small size, light weight

Technical Specifications

Packing material

TPU(Polyurethane);Anti-allergic Material


H20mm x L40mm

Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Operating frequency


Executive standard


Working model



ALIEN,H3,etc,can customized