RFID Bio Glass Tag

RFID Bio Glass Tag

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RFID Bio Glass Tag

We are an ICAR certified organization, and engaged in the manufacturing & marketing of RFID Bio Glass Tags. These are made under rigorous testing environment by using excellent grade materials, components and latest technologies. These are tiny RFID syringe, which is used for tracking & managing pets. With its unique design, one can read / write on the tags very well. What's more, they are accessible at affordable prices.

Currently the RFID glass transponder is the smallest in the world. It comprises syringe body and the RFID Mini glass transponder (1.4 X 8mm / 1.4 X 10mm), which is perfectly designed for tracking pets, and managing animal raising as well as slaughtering. The product meets worldwide standards for the animal identification, and is designed, produced with first-rate RFI chip, from EM Microelectronics. The chip also has a unique design for data security.

A micro chip implant is an identifying circuit placed under the skin of a dog, parrot, horse, or other animal. The chip is about the size of a large rice grain, utilizing passive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. Also, it is known as a PIT (Passive Integrated Transponder) tag.

RFID ear tags are externally attached microchips, commonly used to determine farm / ranch animals. These meet global standard of animal identification. Several external microchips can be read with same scanner used with the implanted chips.

Comprises RFID mini glass transponder, dimensions 1.4 x 8mm or 1.4 x 10mm, and a syringe body.

Made with superior RFID chip and latest technology in cooperation with experts of the field. Meet global norms & standards of animal identification. 

Key Points:

  • Lightweight and Ready-to-use tag
  • Pre-sterilized
  • Smallest glass transponder in the worldwide market
  • Effective tracking, raising & managing of pets / animals

Salient Features:

  • ICAR approved
  • Bio compatible glass encapsulation
  • Perfect for animal identification
  • Comes with read & write function
  • Unique data security design
  • Packaged one by one in separate disposable needles


Operating frequency

134.2 kHz

Chip Type

EM4305/Hitags, read/write


512 bits / 256bits EEPROM

Reading Distance

Dependent upon reader, environment and application physical


2.12 x 12mm

Tagging Method


R/W standard

ISO11784/5 FDX-B


134.2 KHz

size Animal microchip syringe

1.4x8mm, 2.12x12mm

RFID glass tag

1.25x7, 1.4x8, 1.25x7mm

anti-collision standard


period of validity

10 years

Storage temperature

- 20oC to +50oC

operation  temperaure

0oC to 50oC




6.86g (for a complete syringe)




50 +1mm

injection material


packing manner syringe

2 Year