Handheld RFID Animal Scanner

Handheld RFID Animal Scanner

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Handheld RFID Animal Scanner

Product Features:

  • We comprehend that each ranch is diverse. Subsequently, we have added to a scope of RFID animals perusing hardware particularly intended to meet the requesting situations experienced over the maker, saleyard, feedlot, and abattoir divisions.
  • From a solitary hand-held RFID peruser to a completely robotized feedlot or abattoir framework, we can give you the counsel you can rely on to guarantee you get the right set-up for your business.
  • The items contained inside of the Aleis handout show the expansive range of RFID answers for domesticated animals which offer a wide mixed bag of choices tweaked to meet your prerequisites.

Other Features:

  • More broad perusing reach, past 8cm to peruse glass tag
  • OLED presentation, daylight meaningful
  • Alternatives menu for distinctive capacities, simple to utilize
  • Rechargeable battery by smaller than normal USB port
  • Manufactured in Bluetooth


  • Can read all FDX-B sort electronic chips (consenting to standard ISO11784), FDX A chips and HDX chips.
  • Save 1,000 ID codes in memory
  • Reduced outline and simple to utilize
  • Six dialects bolstered.