Animal Tag Reader RBC-S02

Animal Tag Reader RBC-S02

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Animal Tag Reader RBC-S02

This animal tag reader is used to identify the whereabouts of animals who are tagged with the chip. Also known as Animal Chip Handheld Reader, this device conforms to ISO011784/5. It's operating principal is modern low-frequency emission / receive circuit which is fully backed with an embedded micro-controller that helps in reading and examining the digital information with ISO11784/85 compatible electronic tags.

Features of animal tag reader

  • Conforms to ISO11784/85 international protocol standard

  • Especially designed for the human body, hence comfortable to hold in hand

  • High sensibility and low frequency

  • Increased ratio of performance & cost

  • Simple portability

  • Supports EM4305, EM4100, TK4100 format and others

  • Supports FDX-B

Uses of animal chip reader (handheld)

Management of pet, poultry and livestock identification

  1. Arowana

  2. Cat

  3. Cattle

  4. Chicken

  5. Dog

  6. Duck

  7. Giant Salamander

  8. Goose

  9. Horse

  10. Pig

  11. Sheep



Operating frequency


Agreement support



128x64 LCD

Storage Capacity

Records of 90 items, be consulted from the tag reader

Reading distance

10~18cm (30mm diameter animal electronic ear tag)

Power supply

3.7V(lithium battery)

Recharging Method

USB interface, endurable

Equipment Size


Operating temperature


Storage temperature