Animal ID Chip

Animal ID Chip

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Animal ID Chip

We have pioneered ISO standards for pet ID over eight years. Also, we continue to work with pet health organizations and animal professionals globally to improve the pets lives and give them the chance to meet with their families, if they lost.

We have profound understanding of various issues related with animal ID in all parts of the world, and how the issues are affected by culture, climate, economic development & legislation etc.

Our companion animal ID products include glass and polymer encapsulated RFID microchips along with a variety of microchip scanners. These are built to meet different needs of animal professionals like veterinarians and animal control officers etc.

Key Features:

  • Unalterable, permanent & unique animal identification system.
  • Ergonomic; ‘No Return Click’ – Listen for the Click! It shows that the chip is well implanted.
  • Locks the injector, safekeeping the chip from being sucked during removal of syringe.
  • Simple, painless implantation.
  • ISO compliant microchip, can be read globally.
  • Perfect for people, who travel with pets.
  • Link pet health, pedigree and breed information, through an online register.

  Scanning pets for microchips RBC Scanning:

  • Hold the scanner touching, or close to the animal.
  • Scan slowly & repeatedly over whole body to insure whether a microchip is present, or not.
  • Move the scanner back & forth gently while scanning, because chips can be in different orientations within the animal.
  • Scan first in horizontal, and then a vertical “S” form down the body of animal, as displayed in the diagram.
  • Scan each animal more than once to ensure any present microchip can be confined by the scanner.

Effective scanning is not simple! Take your time, and be patient!

Technical Specifications:

RFID microchip tag with syringe



Syringe Size


Package Size


Packaging Material

Medical-grade, Breathable Paper

Operating frequency


Agreement support


Disinfection method

Ethylene Oxide,

Valid used period

above ten years

Color of Injector

White Syringe, non-removable syringe needle

Package Information

Sterilization Date, Effective Duration, 15-digit Serial Number (bar code)

Injector Weight



Chip Type


Chip Size


Packaging Materials

Interior: Without lead and poison; exterior: Biochemical Glass

Application Areas

Cat, dog, experiment rat, pet mink, Gold Arowana, trout, horse, rabbit, etc.